Central Portugal

The most interesting Parks and Public Gardens in Central Portugal

The Parque Eduardo VII is catalogued as the biggest garden in the city of Lisbon. Within are areas for children to play, for sporting activities and great avenues that invite you to stroll down then towards our main objective: the Estufa Fria.

It would appear that this construction came about by chance. At a far end of the park was an abandoned quarry which a gardener noticed was facing south. He decided to take advantage of this warm spot, to grow the plants that were most vulnerable to cold north winds. The idea proved so successful that in 1930 the public were invited to see what was now called

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Praça Marquês de Pombal. Parque Eduardo VII. Lisboa.

Teléfono: + 351 213882278
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10000 m2
List of palms and cycads found in this garden