Indoor palms

Licuala grandis Licuala grandis
Licuala grandisLicuala grandis
Caryota obtusaCaryota obtusa
Ptychosperma elegansPtychosperma elegans
Arenga engleriArenga engleri
Archontophoenix cunninghamianaArchontophoenix cunninghamiana
Rhapis excelsaRhapis excelsa
Rhapis multifidaRhapis multifida
Chambeyronia macrocarpaChambeyronia macrocarpa

Palms adapt themselves better than many other plants to the indoor conditions of our homes and buildings. They can put up with neglect, and although they might seem an expensive outlay, are always a good investment, as they have a long life.

Their diversity of form and silhouette give them exceptional decorative value indoors, and if they have been well chosen, require a minimum of care.

Even though most of the palms that adapt best to indoor conditions originate in a tropical or humid climate, it is necessary to lay down some general guidelines for care.